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Ultra filtration of blood
Selective reabsorption by
Active transport
Passive absorption

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Dialysis is an artificial way of cleaning your blood
Filter toxins and excess fluids from blood

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Our Dialysis Team

In cooperation with NIPRO Corporation Japan
Largest dialysis unit of Allahabad
Capacity – 900 dialysis per month
Chief consultant – Dr. Anurag Singh

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Nephrology (from Greek nephros "kidney", combined with the suffix -logy, "the study of") is a specialty of medicine and pediatrics that concerns itself with the kidneys: the study of normal kidney function and kidney problems, the preservation of kidney health,

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Kidney dialysis is a procedure that is a substitute for many of the normal functions of the kidneys. Dialysis allows patients with kidney failure a chance to live productive lives. There are two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

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Why Dialysis?

Kidneys failure- excess of body fluids, increased toxicity of blood. You need dialysis when you develop end stage kidney failure

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What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is an artificial way of cleaning your blood. Filter toxins and excess fluids from blood. It is a treatment that filters and purifies the blood using a machine.

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Key Features

HDU- equivalent to ICU
High cross contamination (Hepatitus B, C, HIV)
Machine assisted life support

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What’s New

> In cooperation with NIPRO    Corporation Japan
> Largest dialysis unit of    Allahabad
> Capacity – 900 dialysis per    month
> Quality dialysis at    affordable price

Key Services

> High flux Dialysis Facility
> Separate unit for hepatitis patients

Our Facilities

> Isolation dialysis unit
> High-flux dialysis
> AAMI standard R.O. plant
> Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for Dialysis Paitent 
> Wards
> Training center
> Centrally air conditioned

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